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This article provides an overview of the dashboard view workspace which is where you view a dashboard in Edify App.

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When you open a dashboard from the Dashboards list workspace, the system directs you to the dashboard’s view workspace. This is where you can see the reports and charts, referred to as containers, added to the dashboard on a single, scrolling page. You can't edit any of the containers when viewing a dashboard; instead, you can only look them over to review your data.

Dashboards update based on time intervals set on the container. This means that you can set a specific update interval that’s relevant to each container. You can also turn off automatic updates if your dashboard hosts lots of data or the dashboard doesn't need frequent reloads.

Additionally, a valuable feature of the view workspace is the Expand button which opens the dashboard in a separate window. This makes it easy to display them on a TV or external monitor for easy viewing and monitoring of your team's performance during the word day.

Visual breakdown

Use the labeled graphic and descriptions below to get a better understanding of each workspace in Dashboard view.

Dashboard view workspace

For example, in the screenshot above, the breadcrumbs (Dashboards > Billing Q Dashboards > Billing Q Monthly Digest) indicate that the user is in the Dashboards workspace, in the Billing Q Dashboards folder, viewing the Billing Q Monthly Digest dashboard.

Dashboard menu