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This article explains the concept of Home list views. This is a feature of Home in Queue in Edify App.

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While the search bar is helpful for those “one-time” Home list sorting needs, a view in Home List is where you define which specific interactions you want to see.

A view is a tailored perspective of queue activity. Instead of constantly adding and removing search filters to see different types of activity, toggle between views to quickly see live activity or completed activity. This makes monitoring yourself and teams more efficient and easy.

Note: Home list view is the only place where you can only toggle between live interactions and completed interactions.

Live interaction view

Completed interaction view

Home list views are how you can quickly filter your activity to only show what you want to see, like all active interactions only for the Support Q instead of the Billing and Support queues. 

There are two types of views:

So, views are how you toggle between seeing active and completed interaction activity.

There are some standard views that come already available on your account, like All Active Interactions and My Completed Interactions - Last 30 Days. Otherwise, if the view menu doesn’t have a view that meets your needs, create a custom home list view.

Either way, once you’ve set a view, tell Edify how often to reload the home list to refresh the activity in your view to ensure you’re seeing the most current activity. Or, manually reload the app at any time.

Views are where you see queue activity that you want to see.

View types

There are two types of views. There are live views and completed views. The view type determines which types of interactions you see when using the view, like whether you’ll be able to see active interactions or completed interactions.

The view type determines which interactions you'll see when the view is enabled.

View access levels

When you create a view, you will define the access level for that custom view. 

You can only change the access level for custom views that you create. This is the case for both public and private views. So, as long as you created the custom view, then you can modify it’s access level.

Views available on your account

Standard views

The view menu automatically includes the following standard views:

Note: When logging into Edify for the first time, the system defaults to the active  All Interactions view.

All Active Interactions

The All Interactions view is a standard view. It displays all the interactions for all the queues that you’re currently logged into when using this view.

Note: This is a public view, so everyone on your account can use this view.

My Completed Interactions - Last 30 Days

The My Completed Interactions - Last 30 Days view displays all the interactions that you completed in the last 30 days for all the queue(s) that your user has access to managing. 

Note: This is a public view, so everyone on your account can use this view.

Custom views

Outside of the standard views available on your account, you and any queue user on your account can create your own custom views. 

This empowers you to be able to see queue activity from different perspectives, like a live view for each queue, a live view for a specific interaction tag, a completed view for queue user on your team, and more.

See Overview: Home list custom views in Queue (Edify App).

Visual breakdown

These home list view features allow you to create or select a view (live or completed) that shows you the queue activity that you want to see.

Live home list view

Completed home list view

These are the main features of a completed home list view, which is a view that displays only completed interactions. 

Note: The last updated menu defaults to Off and the Last Updated timestamp is not available for completed home list views.