Accept or reject a voice interaction on an open softphone line (Edify App)

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This article explains how to accept or reject a voice interaction that’s ringing you on an open line from the softphone in Edify App

This guide is only applicable for queue users that are managing phone calls with the softphone and are configured to manage one or multiple voice interactions. For more information, please visit Overview: Softphone multiline (Edify App).

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When you receive a voice interaction on one of your open softphone lines, you can choose to either accept or reject the interaction, so this article explains how to go about accepting or rejecting it.

Before you can accept or reject an incoming interaction, however, you need to first update your status to alert the system that you’re ready to start receiving inbound interactions.

Then, upon the update of your status and a voice interaction being created in the queue, Edify determines if you’re available to manage the newly created voice interaction or not. This decision includes determining whether or not you have an open line available.

If you have a phone space available, then Edify proceeds with the below process.

If you don’t have a phone space available, then Edify doesn't ring you; instead, Edify finds another available agent to ring or proceeds with sending the caller through another experience, like a timed workflow, max wait experience, and more.

See the section below to learn how to accept or reject a call on a line in softphone.


1. Upon Edify selecting and ringing you to handle a voice interaction, Edify rings you with the interaction by presenting you with both the Accept button and Reject button.

2. To accept the voice interaction, click the Accept button. To reject it, click the Reject button.

3. After clicking the Accept button, Edify automatically places any active voice interactions you’re managing on hold and the newly accepted interaction becomes the active interaction. You’ll then notice the softphone line key hosting the active interaction becomes a solid green line and the line key hosting the on hold interaction becomes a flashing red line.

4. Proceed with handling the newly active voice interaction as usual.