Manage your CX status (Edify App)

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This article explains how to manage your CX status in Edify App.

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You can enable your CX status to make yourself eligible to receive, manage, open, view, or create interactions from any of your assigned queues. 

Conversely, if you disable your CX status, this logs you out of the entire Queue workspace. So, you’re no longer present in the queue. This means that you won’t be able to create any outbound interactions, view active interactions, or receive any new inbound interactions. 

Yet, once logged out of the queue, you will be able to open and view all your completed interactions, which is common when you want to look over what you or your team handled for the day. 

To learn more about CX status, see: Overview: User status (Edify App)


Note that, when logging out, notice a logout prompt populates on the screen. Enter your reason for logging out and press the Logout button.

Once you click the Logout button, the system starts logging you out of all your queues and updating your Queue Home to only showing completed interactions.