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This article explains the concepts of User Status and CX status in Edify App.


Your status lets Edify and your coworkers know your availability In Edify App.

There are two separate types of status:

User status

User Status is how you communicate your general availability in Edify. 

The User Status menu is in the top-right corner of Edify App.

Your User Status shows other Edify users whether you're Available, Busy, Away, or Offline.

This is important for Queue users because it's how you indicate your readiness to receive inbound interactions after you’ve logged into the Queue (i.e. CX Status is enabled).

User Status Menu

Use the User Status Menu to choose a specific User Status. You can search for a User Status or select a specific status from the list. Your five most recent statuses are included at the top of the list.

There are two parts of an individual User Status:

Note: Admins can create and manage status reasons in the Reasons workspace of Edify Console.

CX status

CX Status is used to log into and out of the Queue workspace. You must be Logged in to the queue workspace to receive interactions. This feature is only available to users with an Edify CX license (queue users).

If you disable your CX status while you’re managing an interaction, you’ll be able to continue managing that interaction, but you won’t receive any new inbound interactions or be able to create any new outbound interactions.

Configuring your statuses for CX users

The CX status toggle is how you log into the Queue workspace. Then you can log in and out of individual queues using the toggles in the Queue workspace. In order to receive inbound interactions you'll still need to set your User Status to Available. When you disable your CX status, you won't receive any new, inbound interactions regardless of your User Status.

Log into or out of queues

When CX status and User Status are both enabled, a user can receive inbound interactions.

When CX status is enabled and the User Status is set to something other than “Available”, the user can’t receive inbound interactions. However, if the user has AID Process Status Type Override enabled in the Queue container, the user will still receive inbound interactions.

When your status is set like this, you’re still present in the Queue. So,you can still create outbound interactions, view interactions, or be counted as a queue user that can eventually handle an inbound interaction.

When CX status is disabled and the User Status is set to “Available” the user can’t receive any new inbound interactions. This means you’re officially logged out of the queue. You can only see completed interactions and you can’t create outbound interactions.

Status visibility

Your User Status and CX status are visible to users on your organization’s Edify account in Chat, the softphone directory, and in Team View.

User Status visibility

Users Status is accessible through Chat, the softphone directory, and in Team View. If a user has access to the chat workspace, they can see a coworker’s status in the Profile panel and in the channel list. Users can also view a coworker’s User Status by searching for them in the softphone directory.

View User status in Chat

Click on a user's profile pic or their name to open their profile panel and view their User status.

Open the Channel Members drawer to see all members and their User status.

View User Status in the Softphone

Open the Softphone and type a user's name in the Directory field to see their User status.

View User status in Team View

Open Team View and filter for a user or search for them by name using the Search User Name field.

Edify CX status visibility

Edify CX user’s status is accessible through Chat, the softphone directory, and in Team View. CX status is represented by the small green or orange square in the top-left corner of a user’s profile pic.