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This article provides an overview of status reasons, which are configurable in Edify Console.

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In Edify App, a user is able to change their status and select from a list of predefined reasons or creating one themselves if they have access to this feature.

Administrators can use the Reasons workspace (Account > Reasons) in Edify Console to configure the reasons that are available to users in that predefined list in Edify App.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the basics of the Reasons workspace.

Reasons workspace

The Reasons workspace (Account > Reasons) in Edify Console is subdivided into several tabs. They are the:

  • All

  • Available

  • Away

  • Busy

  • Q Logout

  • Disabled

These tabs (with the exception of “All” and “Disabled) represent the status types associated with each reason. The “All” tab shows you all of your reasons, and the “Disabled” tab shows you all of your reasons that are disabled (not usable).

With these tabs, you can choose to view all reasons or reasons of a particular category.

The Reasons workspace
The tabs of the Reasons workspace

Create a reason

You can click the New Reason button in the top-right corner of the Reasons workspace to create a new reason.

To learn more about how to create a reason, see: Create a reason (Edify Console)

View and modify a reason

You can click on any reason to view more detailed information. From the reason’s information page, you can also opt to modify it.

Note: It’s not possible to rename a reason. If you want to rename a reason, you should disable the old reason and create a new reason with your preferred name.

To learn more about modifying a reason, see: Modify or enable/disable a reason (Edify Console)

Disable a reason

If you don’t want your users to be able to use a reason anymore, you can disable it. Disabling the reason will make it inaccessible to your users.

You can also go the extra step of marking the reason to not be included in reporting. This means that the reason won’t be included in any user status reports you make.

To learn more about disabling a reason, see: Modify or enable/disable a reason (Edify Console)