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This article provides an overview of call controls in softphone in Edify App.

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In Edify App, the softphone call controls are where you handle phone calls you make or receive on your softphone (webRTC). The call control panel automatically appears in the top-right corner of Edify App whenever you make or receive a call.

With the softphone call controls, you can perform common actions like:

The softphone call controls panel also provides an audio settings menu (item I in the Visual breakdown section below) where you can select which audio device you want to use for the call (like your browser softphone or a headset).

Note: Before managing calls through the Softphone, ensure that your call settings are configured appropriately. If you prefer to only use a deskphone or to route your inbound calls elsewhere, disable webRTC in your call settings to turn your softphone off.

See the Visual breakdown section below for a detailed description of each of the softphone call controls.

Visual breakdown