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This article explains how to manage your user status in Edify App.

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For queue users, setting your user status defines your availability not only to your coworkers, but also to Edify. 

To automatically receive queue interactions, you must set your user status to ‘Available’ and your CX Status to ‘CX Status - Logged In’. This is the only combination of statuses that alerts the system to automatically deliver you inbound interactions for any of your logged in queues. 

Status for Edify CX users

As a queue user, if you need to pause the system from automatically sending you inbound interactions, set your user status to either ‘Busy’ or ‘Away’ to indicate to Edify that you aren’t ready to manage new interactions. 

However, when your status is set in this way, you still have presence in the Queue. This means that the system will continue to look for you to become available to then send you an inbound interaction. So, the Exit No Agent Experience won’t trigger for a queue if a queue user has this status.

To learn more about user status, see: Overview: User status (Edify App)


1. Log into Edify App at

2. Click the user status.

3. Select the appropriate status type.

4. Notice your displayed status updates once the new status is selected.