Overview: Tags container in Users (Edify Console)

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The Tags container in Users is where you can assign tags to a user. If a tag is assigned to an interaction, Edify will attempt to match the interaction with a queue user who has that same tag, if they are available.

See also: Add or remove tags on a user (Edify Console).

In Edify Console, navigate to Account > Users > [User] > Tags container.

Visual breakdown

Note: Tags are not able to be modified for a user if the user was created with a template. Instead, the tags have to be modified in the template itself.

Search (A)

Search for a specific tag from the available tags list to assign to the user. 

Available tags list (B)

This list shows all the tags configured to your Edify account. Click on a tag to move it to the Assigned Tags List.

Assigned Tags List (C)

This list displays all of the tags that are assigned to the selected user. If you delete, or unassign, a tag from this list, it is removed from this list and added back to the available tags list.