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This article explains the basics of setting up Caller ID on your Avaya.cx account.


Caller ID is a technology that displays the phone number of the person calling on the recipient’s phone screen. Caller ID was first introduced in landline telephones. As the technology has advanced, industry regulations have struggled to keep up.

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Calls showing up as SPAM?

If your calls are showing up as SPAM on Caller ID, or if you have
any other issues with Caller ID, reach out to lnp@avaya.cx.


There are two types of caller ID, differentiated by direction of traffic:

Outbound Caller ID

Outbound Caller ID is the information you choose for the recipient to see when you call them. The Calling Name (CNAM) is updated in a Line Information Database (LIDB).

Note: Mobile operators are not required to display caller ID

Set Primary Caller ID

To set the primary caller ID for your organization’s account, see the Account Settings page.
To update the Caller ID for an individual number reach out to lnp@avaya.cx

Inbound Caller ID

Inbound Caller ID provides the caller information when receiving a call..

Displaying the Caller ID happens per call via a “dip” into a Line Information Database (LIDB). The way that a Caller ID is displayed can vary depending on the type of device receiving the phone call.


Why are my calls showing up as SPAM?

This can happen for several reasons. Some of those reasons are as follows:

Remember that a SPAM tag trumps Calling Name every time. The system will update your Caller Name. However, any downstream issues are best effort.

What do I do if my calls are showing up as SPAM on Caller ID?

You will need to remediate your numbers. Please send an email to lnp@avaya.cx

Why is Caller ID not supported on Toll Free numbers?

Since Toll Free numbers were originally intended to receive inbound calls only, there are no industry regulations outlining the processes for updating, maintaining and displaying caller name for Toll Free numbers. 

Can I update the Caller Name for a Toll Free Number?

We can update the Calling Name on a Toll Free Number but we cannot troubleshoot any issues with how the caller ID is displayed downstream because there are no guidelines to hold other carriers accountable to. However, we can assist with the remediation of SPAM tagging.

Why are mobile operators not required to display caller ID?

Similar to Toll Free, there are no industry regulations outlining the processes for maintaining and displaying the caller name on inbound calls. Mobile operators often house their own databases with caller ID information, resulting in stale data and inconsistent SPAM tagging.