Link an embedded workflow to a queue (Edify Console)

Edify Console > Queues > Link an embedded workflow to a queue (Edify Console)

This article explains how to link an Embedded Workflow to a queue.


1. Log into Edify Console at

2. Navigate to Queues > Queues.

3. Select the queue you want to configure the Embedded workflow for.

4. Navigate to the Embedded Workflows container.

5. Click the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the container.

6. Type a name for the workflow in the Name column.

7. Choose a workflow in the Workflow column.

8. Choose the version of the workflow that you want to run in the Version column.

Note: When CURRENT is selected, the most recent version of the workflow will run. This means there is no need to update this container when the workflow is updated.

9. Select Active or Completed to decide whether you want the workflow to be available to queue users during an active interaction or a completed interaction.

10. Click Save to save your changes, the delete button to remove the embedded workflow, or the x button to cancel.