Overview: Scorecard container in Queues (Console)

Console > Queues > Scorecard queue settings (Console)

This article describes the scorecard settings available to configure for queues in Console.


The Scorecard container of a queue is where you connect published scorecards to the queue.

In Console, navigate to Queues > [Queue] > Scorecard container.

What is a Scorecard?

A Scorecard is a form you can use to evaluate how an interaction was handled. Once you create a scorecard in Console and link it to a queue, you can find it in the Coaching tab of App.

Note: Not all queue users have access to completing scorecards for agents. A user must have Coaching enabled in the User Permissions container in Console > Account > Users > [User].

Container breakdown

Scorecard Menu

The Scorecard menu is where you select the scorecard to connect to this queue. This menu displays all published scorecards on your account.


The Version menu lets you select the specific Scorecard version you want to link to the queue. The menu displays all published versions of the scorecard you selected. Select ‘Current’ to always use the most up-to-date version of the Scorecard. This lets you update the scorecard without needing to update this container.


The delete button (trash can icon) lets you clear your selections from the row.


The +Add button adds space to connect more scorecards to the queue.