Overview: Modify Tags workflow module (Console)

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This article provides an overview of the Modify Tags workflow module in Console.

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The Modify Tags workflow module gives you the ability to add, remove, or set tags on an interaction.

Continue reading this article to learn more about the common use cases of this module.

Common use cases

Below are some common use cases for the Modify Tags module.



The Label field is where you provide a description for the workflow module. This appears on the workflow module in the workflow editor.


The Action menu is where you select the type of tag modification you want to perform. Available options include:


The Search box is where you search for tags to add to the module. Click any tag in the list of results to add it. Tags that are added to the module appear below the search box.

Any tag added from the Search box will have the action performed on it (the tag will be added, removed, or set). To unselect a tag, click the x icon next to the tag.