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The Workflow Items data source is a collection of tables you can use to build workflow item reports in Edify App. 

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The Workflow Items data source is one of several data sources available for creating reports in Edify App. To learn more about data sources in general, please see: Overview: Data sources for reports (Edify App).

With the Workflow Items data source, you can create reports that show you which workflow modules have been added to a specific workflow created on your organization’s Edify account. You might prefer to create these types of reports to be able to take a deep dive into understanding the set up, flow, structure, and overall configurations of a specific workflow to better understand it for training, troubleshooting, or learning purposes.

You can use this data source to retrieve information about a specific workflow like: 

In short, this data source is useful to use when you want to see and analyze a specific workflow through a report format instead of needing to log into Edify Console and open up a workflow from there, which is especially helpful for users that don’t have the user permission for accessing Edify Console.

This article provides common use cases for the data source and a list of its tables.

Use case

The most common use case for the Workflow Items data source is creating a workflow items report.

A workflow items report is useful when you want a data representation of the structure of a specific workflow. 

Instead of manually looking through all of the workflows on your account, you could use a workflow items report with a filter by the workflow’s version ID to give you a general view of how a workflow is set up.


The Workflow Items data source only consists of Edify database tables that relate to this data source.. 

Below are the tables available when creating a report with this data source. Click any of the links below to view column documentation for each table.

Contains general information related to your organization’s Edify account.

This information includes your organization’s name, address, and other basic configuration details.

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Contains information about workflow items.

This information includes the workflow item’s name, its type, and the workflow / workflow version it’s in.

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