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This article contains column documentation for the Queues table in the Analytics workspace in App

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The Queues table contains information about queues, including information about their configuration.

Data sources using this table

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Column descriptions

This section alphabetically lists and describes each of the columns in the Queues table.

Is Active

Specifies whether the queue is active or disabled. If a queue is active, then it’s available for managing interactions.  

The values you will see here include:

Queue Create Time

Contains the recorded date and time of when the queue was created.

Queue Id

Contains the unique identifier of the queue.

Queue Name

Contains the name of the queue.

Queue Updated Time

Contains the recorded date and time of when the settings of the queue were last modified.

Queue Weight

Contains the default weight (importance) of the queue in comparison to other queues represented as a number. The higher the weight, the higher the level of importance of the queue.

Tag Routable

Specifies whether the queue can route interactions based on tags to users with corresponding tags or not. If tag routing is not enabled for the queue, then all interactions are distributed equally with the least recent method unless another method is defined.

The values you will see here include: