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The Queues data source is a collection of tables you can use to build queue reports in Edify App.

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The Queues data source is one of several data sources available for creating reports in Edify App. To learn more about data sources in general, please see: Overview: Data sources for reports (Edify App).

With the Queues data source, you can create reports that show you activity surrounding a queue (or several queues).

You can use this data source to retrieve information like:

  • What queues are active on my account?

  • Which users have logged into which queues?

  • What is the current status of users in this queue?

  • What is the weight of each queue on the account and how do they compare to each other (i.e which is the highest weighted? Which is the lowest weighted?, etc.)

  • Which queues have tag routing enabled?

  • When was a queue created?

Use case

The most commonly created report with this data source is a queue activity report.

With a queue activity report, you can see all of the users logged into a specified queue and their current status.

For example, you could use a queue activity report to show:

  • Which users are logged into a certain queue?

  • What are the users’ statuses?

  • When were their statuses last updated?

  • What changed a user’s status, like was it automatically changed by the system (i.e. queue user was set to ‘Q Auto Offline’ after missing a maximum amount of interactions), by the queue user themselves, or by another queue user like a manager?

In other words, you can use a queue activity report to get a sense of the real-time activity of your users in a queue or to understand some basic information about the queues built on your account.


The Queues data source consists of only the Edify database tables that relate to this data source. This ensures that you have access to the data you need when creating the common types of reports relevant to this data source.

Below are the tables available when creating a report with this data source. Click any of the links below to view column documentation for each table.

Contains general information related to your organization’s Edify account.

This information includes your organization’s name, address, and other basic configuration details.

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Contains a subset of information from the Interactions table, including the current status of the interaction, the current wait time, and the points on the interaction.

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Contains general information about users logging into queues.

This information includes who logged into the queue, which queue they logged into, and at what time they logged into the queue.

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Contains general information about queues.

This information includes the queue’s name, weight, whether or not the queue is active, and more.

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Contains records for the current status of a user.

This information includes the user’s current status, status type, and when they entered the status.

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Contains general information for users on your organization’s Edify Account.

This information includes users’ name, title, and work contact information.

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