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This article contains column documentation for the User Status table in the Analytics workspace in Edify App.

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The User Status table contains information related to your user settings and call statuses, including how long they’ve been in a certain status.

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Column descriptions

This section alphabetically lists and describes each of the columns in the User Status table.


Contains the icon code associated with the user status.


Specifies whether the user’s current status is set to a status combination that allows for the agent to automatically receive interactions via Edify’s automatic interaction distribution (AID) process. This is true when a queue user:

  • Has CX Login enabled.

  • Has a status type of ‘available’.

If the queue user has CX Login enabled, but a status type of anything other than ‘available’, like ‘busy’ or ‘away’, then Edify pauses automatically delivering inbound interactions to them.

The values you will see here include:

  • 0 (false, is not AID)

  • 1 (true, is AID)

Last Updated

Contains the recorded date and time of when the user status record was last updated (the last time the user status changed).

Last Updated By

Contains the unique identifier of the user who last modified the user’s status. This could be:

  • A user

  • A manager

  • The Edify system itself (represented by your organization’s Edify system user ID)


Contains the status message or reason communicating the user’s status. This value can be provided by either the user or the system.

Status messages provided by the system include:

  • Available

  • Busy

  • Away

  • Offline

  • Q Auto Offline (only applicable for users with the Missed Interaction feature enabled)

  • Receiving a call (only applicable for users with the Phone Status feature enabled)

Status Type

Contains the type of status. The type of status is reflected by the color next to the status in Edify.

Status types include:

  • available

  • away

  • busy

  • CX Login

  • offline

  • Q Login

User Id

Contains the unique identifier of the user associated with the user status record.

Voip Status

Contains the current voice over IP status associated with the user status.

Voip statuses include:

  • INUSE (the user phone is connected to a call)

  • NOT_INUSE (the user phone is not connected to a call)

  • BUSY (the user phone is not available)

  • RINGUSE (the user phone is attempting to connect to an external number)

  • RINGING (the user phone is receiving a call from an external number)

  • ONHOLD (the user phone is on a call and is on hold)