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The User Status data source is a collection of tables you can use to build user status reports in Edify App.

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The User Status data source is one of several data sources available for creating reports in Edify App. To learn more about data sources in general, please see: Overview: Data sources for reports (Edify App).

With the User Status data source, you can create reports that show:

  • The current status of a user to understand their general availability in Edify App

  • The current status type of a queue user to know if they’re ready to receive inbound interactions or not

  • The current VoIP (Voice over IP) status of a user, like if they’re on a phone call or not

This article provides common use cases for the data source and a list of its tables.

Use case

The most commonly created report with this data source is a user status report.

User status reports are how you see all of the current statuses and status types of your users. For queue users, the status type is important for determining if they are ready to receive interactions from the system or not. As for users outside of the queue, evaluate status data to understand the whereabouts of your team, like how often they are in meetings, out of the office, and more.

You can add a user status report to a dashboard, or take it a step farther and create a GANTT chart to more easily visualize this information across your users and teams. This is helpful to be able to digest this data and quickly reference it at a glance as you monitor your team.


The User Status data source consists only of the Edify database tables that relate to this data source. This ensures that you access the relevant data you need for building reports for this data source.

Below are the tables available when creating a report with this data source. Click any of the links below to view column documentation for each table.

Contains general information related to your organization’s Edify account.

This information includes your organization’s name, address, and other basic configuration details.

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Contains records for the current status of a user.

This information includes the user’s current status, status type, and when they entered the status.

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Contains general information for users on your organization’s Edify Account.

This information includes users’ name, title, and work contact information.

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