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This article contains column documentation for the Users table in the Analytics workspace in Edify App

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The Users table contains general information about all users, like the user’s title, email address, extension, mobile phone number if it’s added to their profile and more

Data sources using this table

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Column descriptions

This section alphabetically lists and describes each of the columns in the Users table.


Contains the extension for the user's phone number.

First Name

Contains the first name of the user.

Is Queue User

Specifies whether the user has access to the queue functionality in Edify.

Values you will see here include:

Last Name

Contains the last name of the user.


Contains the mobile phone number of the user.


Contains a JSON object that defines the user permissions of the user. These are the permissions that are reflected on the Users workspace in Edify Console.

Each permission is represented by a boolean (0/1) where “0” means “false” (the user does not have the permission) and “1” means “true” (the user does have the permission).


Contains the name prefix of the user.

Reports To

Contains the unique identifier of the direct supervisor of the user.


Contains the name suffix of the user.


Contains the title of the user.

User Email

Contains the email address of the user.

User Image

Contains the user's profile image.

User Name

Contains the full name of the user.