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The Interaction Segments data source is a collection of tables you can use to build interaction segment reports in Edify App.

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The Interaction Segments data source is one of several data sources available for creating reports in Edify App. To learn more about data sources in general, please see: Overview: Data sources for reports (Edify App).

An interaction segment is a portion of an interaction. Edify automatically divides interactions into segments. Each segment represents a stage of the interaction’s life. 

For example, when a user answers, transfers, or wraps-up an interaction, Edify creates a new segment to record information specific to that stage of the interaction.

With the Interaction Segments data source, you can create reports that show each segment of an interaction so you can closely examine your team’s performance within a specific, individual interaction.

You can use this data source to retrieve information like: 

This article provides common use cases for the data source and a list of its tables.

Use case

The most commonly created report with this data source is an interaction segment report.

Interaction segment reports are how you view all of the individual segments of an interaction in chronological order. This is useful information when you want to follow the full path of the interaction to better understand its full progression.

This type of report is especially useful when you need to see who was rung on an interaction and in what order. It’s also useful to see how users responded to an interaction that rang. 

You can use this type of report to see if they accepted the interaction, rejected it, ignored it, or took no action (a “clear” event).

An interaction segment report is also useful for reviewing each status change of an interaction, like when it moved from “Creating” status to “Pending” status and so on, to see when this status change happened and what was the status right before it. This helps better investigate what happened with the interaction.


The Interaction Segments data source only consists of the Edify database tables that relate to this data source.

Below are the tables available when creating a report with this data source. Click any of the links below to view column documentation for each table

Contains general information related to your organization’s Edify account.

This information includes your organization’s name, address, and other basic configuration details.

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Contains all of the general information of an interaction.

This information includes the type of interaction, when it was created, when it was completed, who handles it, and several other data points.

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Contains information related to the individual “segments” of an interaction. 

This information includes why the segment was created and how long the segment lasted.

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Contains general information about queues.

This information includes the queue’s name, weight, whether or not the queue is active, and more.

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Contains general information for users on your organization’s Edify Account.

This information includes users’ name, title, and work contact information.

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