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This article provides an overview of direct messaging in Chat in Edify App.

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Direct Messages are private conversations either between yourself and one or more coworkers or between yourself and a single external phone number - but only if your user has a direct phone number (DID) that is configured to accept and send SMS.

It is important to note that a Direct Message chat cannot include a mix of both coworkers and external users. In addition, if an Admin provisioned a phone number to a direct message conversation, the group can host voice calls that may or may not require a conference pin.

Visual breakdown

A. Creating Direct Messages: Users can create direct, private messages between either yourself and internal employees (coworkers) or between yourself and an external user’s mobile phone number- but only if your user is configured to accept and send SMS (i.e. the message data of your DID is routed to a Chat channel). If your user is configured to accept and send SMS, then your Direct Messages list may include a mix of both coworkers and external numbers. With direct messages between you and one of your peers, notice the square to the left of their name; this reflects their user availability status. Here you can also hover over the status indicator to read their status message.

B. SMS Message: When creating a direct message to an external number or receiving an SMS sent to your DID, the message populates under the Direct Messages list. Here you can exchange messages with the external source in the same manner that you chat with your coworkers. As noted above, you must have a direct dial phone number (DID) provisioned to your user by your administrator within Console in order to send or receive SMS messages in Chat.

C. Modify Users: Users have the ability to add or remove other users from a direct message once the chat has been created. When adding or removing users from a direct message channel, the system will keeps the original chat as is and creates a new direct message channel with the new group of users.

D. Conference Settings: After creating a new direct message conversation, users have the option to modify the Conference Settings, including adding a password, modifying the access key, and modifying the conference pin. Note that this feature is only useful for conversations that have a phone number provisioned to it by an account Admin.

E. Archiving: When archiving a direct message channel, the chat is removed from the direct messages list of all users who are a part of the messaging channel and those users no longer have access to the chat’s details and conversations. Most importantly, the archiving of a direct message is currently irreversible, so users can not unarchive a direct message.