Manage video settings on Sync (Edify App)

Edify App > Chat > Sync > Manage video settings on Sync (Edify App)

This article explains how to manage video settings on Sync.

Video settings let you configure your camera settings and video quality, as well as manage display options like configure a virtual background, Hide Self View and Mirror Video. A common setting used in this menu is Blur my background.

Open video settings

From a Sync, click the ^ next to the start/stop video icon.

The ^ button next to the start/stop video icon.


You can view the camera that is currently being used for your video feed in this section. To change your camera navigate to Video Settings… > Camera > Select v and choose a camera from the list of available cameras.


Mirror View

Check the Mirror View box to display a mirror reflection of yourself in your video feed. You may want to disable this if you are showing words or symbols in your video feed that you don’t want to be reflected.

Frame Rate

Select the desired frame rate from the available options. You can choose from 15, 30, or 60 frames per second. The default frame rate is 15 frames per second.

Hide Self View

Check the Hide Self View box to remove your video feed (if enabled) or profile picture (if video feed is disabled) from your own view. Hiding your self view lets you see more meeting participants on your own screen.

Note: Other participants will still be able to see your video feed or profile pic if you choose to Hide Self View.

Video Quality

Select the desired video resolution from the available options. You can choose from 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The default resolution is 480p.

Blur my background

Check the Blur my background box to obscure anything in the background of the video feed, but keep you in focus. This feature gives you extra privacy when video is enabled.

Use virtual background

Select Use virtual background to open the Virtual Background workspace. This is where you can replace the background of your video feed with any of the backgrounds available in the workspace. You can also blur the background from the Virtual Background workspace or remove any background by selecting None.

Video settings...

Select Video settings… to open the Video workspace. The Video workspace lets you adjust many of the same settings as you can by clicking the ^ next to the start/stop video icon.