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This article explains the prejoin meeting controls on Sync.

The prejoin workspace lets you test and adjust your audio and camera settings before joining a Sync. This is also where you can preview your live video before joining the Sync.

Prejoin meeting controls

Pre-join workspace on Sync.

Start/Stop Music

Click the Start/Stop Music button to test your audio before joining a Sync. When clicked, this button plays a music track. If you can hear the music track, your audio settings are correctly configured. If you can’t hear the music track, you may need to check the audio settings of Google Chrome or your device.


Click the Mute/Unmute button to mute and unmute your microphone.

Start/Stop video

Click the Start/Stop Video button to turn your camera on and off.

Access advanced settings by selecting Video Settings....

Join Meeting

Click Join Meeting to join the Sync.