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This article provides an overview of voicemail interactions in Edify App.

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In Edify App, a voicemail interaction is a phone interaction that changes to a caller leaving a voicemail for a queue user to review.

Voicemail interactions appear in the Queue Home list.

There are three ways for a phone interaction to turn into a voicemail interaction:

In any of these scenarios, when the interaction is sent to the queue’s voicemail, the interaction changes from Open status to Bot status. The customer is then prompted to leave a message up to 240 seconds in length.

Once the message has been recorded and the customer hangs up the call, the interaction changes back to Open status. This time, however, the interaction has a subcommunication type of Voicemail. The voicemail interaction then waits in Open status in the queue until it's assigned to a queue user.

Best practice: If you wish to manually open an interaction from the Home List, as a best practice, you should only select interactions in Open status. This status indicates that the interaction is not actively being engaged by anyone (other agents) or anything (Hammond) and is ready to be accepted and managed.

Identifying voicemail interactions

There are two ways to identify if an interaciton is a voicemail:

Managing voicemail interactions

You can become assigned to a voicemail interaciton in a couple of ways.

AID on

With AID on, Edify automatically delivers the interaction to the next available queue user in that queue. The queue user then accepts or rejects the interaction.

AID off

With AID off, you must manually “pick up” the interaction. This means you’ll have to click on the interaction from the Home List to take ownership of the interaction.

Once you've "picked up" a voicemail interaction from the Home list, the interaction workspace opens and the interaction is now assigned to you and the status of the interaction changes to Connected status.

Review a voicemail from the interaction workspace

After accepting or opening a voicemail interaction, you can review the recording by finding the voicemail in the feed tab and clicking the play button. You can also read the voicemail transcription below the voicemail.

Note: Voicemail Transcribe must be enabled in Console to see the voicemail transcription.

After listening to the voicemail or reading the transcription, you can take action on the interaction, like calling the customer back, or dispositioning the interaction and closing it.

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