View an interaction (Edify App)

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This article explains how to publicly view or privately view an interaction in Edify App.

Note: Your ability to view interactions is dependent on permissions in the Home List container of the User settings page (Account > Users).


1. Log into Edify App at

2. Navigate to the Queue Home list.

3. Find the interaction you want to view by scrolling through Home list, searching for it with the Search bar, or opening it with the interaction’s ID with the Open Interaction modal.

4. Once you’ve found the interaction you want to view, navigate to the interaction’s Actions menu

5. Click on the icon to open the Action menu and choose to publicly view, privately view, or claim the interaction. 

Note: Not all users have access to multiple actions.

Publicly view the interaction.

While publicly viewing the interaction, the queue user will be able to see that you’re viewing it.

Privately view the interaction.

While privately viewing the interaction, the queue user will not know that you’re viewing it.

6. Once you’re viewing the interaction, you’ll see one of the following viewer controls; this is determined by the type of interaction you’re viewing:

Viewing a voice interaction

Viewing a messaging interaction 

(like an email, SMS, task, web chat interaction, etc.)

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