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This article explains how to wrap up an interaction in Edify App.

The interaction wrap up process gives a queue user the opportunity to fill in details about an interaction. You can configure a queue’s basic settings to provide a wrap-up timer, which limits the amount of time a queue user has to wrap up an interaction.

If the queue has a wrap up timer and the time expires before you click Wrap Up, the interaction is automatically released from both you and the queue. You can open the completed interaction to make any further disposition changes or notes.

When the wrap up timer reaches 5 seconds or fewer, you can’t further extend the wrap up time.

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1. After closing an interaction, notice the Wrap Up button under the customer's basic profile information. This button may have a timer and a time extender button if the queue is configured to have a wrap up limit.

2. Click Wrap Up.

3. Once you click Wrap Up, the interaction automatically closes.

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