Overview: Filters and search in Queue Home (Edify App)

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This article provides an overview of the search field and filters available in Queue Home for narrowing down the interactions you see in the Home list in Edify App.

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The search and filter fields are how you can filter the list of interactions you see in Home list down to only the interactions that you want to see.

Once you’ve applied the Home list view that you need to display the group of interactions you want to see, you can then find a specific interaction or group of interactions by using the filter menu and search bar.

For example, when you’re on the ‘All Active Interactions’ view, and you just want to see the interactions that share the ‘Gold Customer’ tag, you can use the search and filters to return these interactions. To do this, update the filter to ‘Tags’, the operator to ‘Equals’ and then type “Gold Customer” into the search field. Once you press Enter on your keyboard, this will return all the active interactions with the Gold Customer tag assigned to them.

This is just one common use case for using the search fields.

The search bar and filters help you narrow down your home list to just the interactions you want to see for the view that you’ve enabled.

Visual breakdown

  • Search filter (A): The search filter menu allows you to select the specific type of categorical data you want to search for. There are several menu options available to you here grouped by the general data types of: routing, details, source/customer, user, IDs, and Salesforce.

  • Operation (B): The operation menu allows you to identify how specific the search results need to be. Your choices here include: ‘Equals’, ‘Contains’, ‘Starts with’, and ‘Ends with’. ‘Equals’ means the results must be an exact match to the criteria you want to review. ‘Contains’ means the results are not limited to but must at least include the specified criteria.

  • Search (C): The search field is where you enter the criteria you want to review. If you are searching for interactions involving a specific phone number, then you must select ‘Phone Number’ from the search filter menu, ‘Equals’ from the operation menu, and also enter the desired phone number in the Search field so you can run the search accordingly.

  • Delete (D): The delete button (indicated by the trash can icon) located to the right of the search field allows you to entirely remove a search line from the workspace, if you have more than one set of search fields. If you have only one set of search fields, this button clears the menus/field of all previously entered criteria but leaves the single set of search fields visible.

  • Add (E): The add button (indicated by the plus within a square icon) located to the right of the search field is how you add an additional line of search fields below the first search line. You can add as many sets of search fields as you want; there is no limit to how many criteria you can apply to the queue activity table.

  • Run search (F): The run search button (indicated by a magnifying glass icon) located to the right of the search field is how you initiate the search for the criteria entered in the set(s) of search fields. When typing the specific criteria in the Search field, you can also press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to run the search.