Overview: Queue list in Queue
(Edify App)

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This article provides an overview of the Queue list in Queue in Edify App.

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The Queue list is located in the Queue workspace of Edify App. Here is where you can view and manage all the queues you have access to. This list of queues includes the name(s) of the queues you have access to as well as corresponding, in-line access toggles for you to enable or disable when you want to log into or out of queues manually. You can log out of all queues at once by managing your CX status.

Not all queue users have access to manage queues in this workspace though all users can see this workspace. Access to manually logging into and out of queues from this workspace is based on your user permissions configured by your Edify admin in Edify Console.

Visual breakdown

A. Queue menu: The Queue menu is where you toggle between the Home list workspace and the Queue list workspace.

B. Search: This Search bar is where you type the name of a specific queue to filter the queue access list down to matching criteria. This is useful when you have access to a long list of queues and need to log into or out of a specific queue quickly.

C. Queue access: The queue access list displays all the queues assigned to you as well as an in-line toggle where you can individually enable (log into) and disable (log out of) queues manually.

Enabled (green) - When the toggle is green, it is enabled. When enabled, you are actively logged into the corresponding queue. Once the queue is enabled, and your availability status is updated, the system can begin delivering you interactions hosted in that queue. You can only enable a queue if your CX status is set to ‘CX Status - Logged In’.

Disabled (red) - When the toggle is red, it is disabled. When disabled, you are logged out of the corresponding queue. Once the queue is disabled, the system no longer sends you any new interactions hosted in that queue. Logging out of a queue doesn’t impact any interactions that you are currently managing from that queue.

D. Active interaction tab: The active interactions tab(s) allow you to quickly view the interactions you are currently connected to. From these tabs, you can quickly see important interaction details, like: caller name, interaction type, interaction type (active/completed), and the current duration of the interaction.

E. Refresh: Click the refresh button to complete a hard refresh, which reloads the Queue workspace. This may be necessary if your Edify admin has modified your queue access settings. Refreshing ensures the most accurate queue access list.