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This article explains how to listen to and review your current voicemail greeting in App

Listening to your voicemail greeting after you’ve set it up allows you to check that it’s set up how you want it. This is helpful for any voicemail greeting type because it allows you to hear what the caller hears to determine if you need to make changes.

If, after listening to your voicemail greeting, you realize it needs changing, the process to update and modify it is fairly quick and similar to how you set up the greeting.

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1. Log into App at

2. Navigate to the Softphone workspace in the top-right corner of the screen.

3. Open the Softphone workspace.

4. Click the calling tab.

5. Click into the number field.

6. Dial *97.

7. Click the call button.

8. Accessing your voicemail box:

1. Listen to the prompt.

2. Enter your code (pin number or MFA token). (This is based on your voice authentication settings.)

3. Wait for Hammond to verify your code and say “Success”. 

Incorrect code: If your code is incorrect, Hammond will prompt you to re-enter until you enter it correctly.

9. Accessing your voicemail greeting:

1. Press 1 (this confirms that you want to access your voicemail greeting)

2. Press 1 (this confirms you want to listen to your current greeting)

10. Listen to your greeting.

11. Hang up the phone call to end the process.