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This article  explains how to order a new phone number in Console.

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In Console, the Phone Numbers workspace is where you can view, order, and modify phone numbers tied to your organization’s account. Ordering phone numbers is done on the Orders page of the Phone Numbers workspace.

In Console, navigate to Numbers > Phone Numbers. Then, click Orders to see past and pending phone number orders.

You can order one or more phone numbers as part of a phone number order. Each phone number is subject to our pricing.

Follow this guide to learn the step-by-step process for ordering phone numbers.


2. Navigate to Numbers > Phone Numbers.

3. Click the Orders tab to navigate to the Orders page.

4. Click the New Orders button in the top-right corner of the screen.

After clicking the New Orders button, the number ordering workspace appears:

The Number ordering workspace

The next step is to configure a search filter to retrieve numbers that meet your needs.

5. Configure the Search Filter container.

a. Choose Local Numbers or Toll-Free Numbers. Local numbers are tied to specific area codes and regions. Toll-Free numbers are not tied to any geographic area and can be identified as “800” numbers (along with various similar prefixes like “833”, “844”, etc.).

b. Choose a Country Code for the phone number.

c. Choose a Search Type (by area code or by region).

d. Input an area code or region name (depending on your Search Type).

e. Choose Number Features for the phone number(s). These are capabilities the phone numbers support:

i. Voice (phone calling)

ii. SMS (text messaging)

iii. MMS (multimedia messaging)

f. Choose advanced search options, which allow you to control things like:

i. The starting/ending number pattern of the phone number

ii. The number of consecutive numbers in the phone number.

iii. The number of results to retrieve (10 by default)

6. Your configured search filter should look something like the screenshot below.

7. When you’re ready, click the blue Search Numbers button. 

8. If your search was successful, a list of phone numbers available for order should display at the bottom of the screen. If no numbers appear,  you’ll need to modify your search filter.

9. Notice that, for each number, there are three columns:

a. Number: The phone number

b. Location / Rate Center: The physical location associated with the phone number (for local numbers)

c. Features: Features offered by the phone number

10. To select a phone number for order, click the checkbox to the right of the number. Or, if you want to order all numbers, click the Select All Numbers checkbox.

11. After you’ve selected the numbers you want to order, click the blue Order button.

12. After clicking the Order button, the Create Order modal will appear. 

a. This is where you can choose to apply a template to the phone numbers. 

b. It’s also where you can name the phone number order. 

c. We recommend that you give the order a name related to the reason you’re ordering the numbers.

13. Click the Save button to finalize the phone number order.

14. After you click Save, you’ll be brought to the page for the phone number order. Notice that each phone number has a Status of Pending, indicating that the order is not yet complete.

15. Click back out to the Orders list. By the time you return to the Orders list, the phone number order should be processed.

With the phone number order complete, you’re able to view and modify the phone number in the Numbers list.

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