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This article provides an overview of the Phone Numbers workspace in Edify Console.


In Edify Console, the Phone Numbers workspace (Numbers > Phone Numbers) is where you can view, order, and modify phone numbers tied to your organization’s Edify account. 

Phone numbers have various purposes, including:

All configurations related to phone calls are done in the Phone Numbers workspace.

The Phone Numbers workspace is where you can view and manage phone numbers, phone number templates, and orders for new phone numbers

There are three main pages in the Phone Numbers workspace:

Continue reading the subsections below to learn more about these three main pages.

Numbers list

The Numbers list is the list of phone numbers that are on your organization’s account. These are ready-to-use numbers that have already been ordered. You can click any number to view or modify the phone number’s settings, including:

You can click on any phone number in the Numbers list to view or modify its settings.

You can also organize your phone numbers into folders. For example, if you have a subset of phone numbers that route to different queues, you could store all of these phone numbers in a folder called “Queues.”

Number template list

The Number Template list is where you can make phone number templates. A phone number template is a tool you can use to apply and modify configurations to multiple phone numbers at once. 

When a phone number is created with a template, any change to the template cascades down to phone numbers created from the template.

When you create a phone number with a template, any change made to the template will apply to all phone numbers created from the template.

Templates can control:

For example, if you create 10 phone numbers with the template “Billing phone numbers”, you can modify the template folder to be “Billing” in the Phone Numbers list. When you save the changes, all phone numbers will automatically move to that folder.

Orders list

The Orders list shows a list of pending and completed orders for phone numbers. This is also where you can create new orders for phone numbers.

The Orders list shows a history of all past phone number orders.

When ordering numbers, you can search for numbers based on several criteria like area code, region, and number features.

The Order list shows a history of all past phone number orders, including:

Note: Ordering phone numbers is subject to pricing. You can learn more about phone number costs at https://edify.cx/pricing/products.

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