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This article explains interaction classifications in queues in Edify Console.

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In Edify Console, the Interaction Classifications container under the Queue workspace is where you create predefined interaction classifications. An Interaction Classification is a selectable option that a queue user can use to define the type and/or end result of an interaction. You can use the Interaction Classifications container to create a list of possible interaction results and interaction types a queue user can select from when handling an interaction in the specified queue.

Interaction Classification container in the queue workspace

In Edify Console, navigate to Queues > [Queue] > Interaction Classifications

Interaction classifications make it quick and easy for queue users to classify an interaction’s type and result by selecting options from a drop down menu (rather than having to type out the information manually in the Notes field).

Interaction classification fields are also useful because you can build reports around these fields to understand why customers are reaching out and how their interactions are being resolved.

Queue users usually fill out these fields as one of their dispositioning tasks once they are disconnected from a customer and the interaction is in Wrap Up status, but they can also be used while an interaction is in Connected status.

Interaction classification menu in the interaction workspace

Once this container is configured, the menus are displayed for the queue user in the customer details tab of the interaction, below the customer’s contact information.

Container breakdown

Interaction Classifications container


Click the +Add button to create a new line item to add another classification to the list.\


Define whether the menu option is either a ‘Type’ or ‘Result’ classification in the Classification menu.


Create the label for the menu option in the Name input field. This is what the queue user reads when opening the menu.


Click the delete button (trash can icon) to remove an interaction classification line item from the list.

Use case

Here are some use cases for how you can configure these menus for different queues.

Type and Result in Interaction Classifications container for use case
Type and Result in Interaction Classifications container for use case
Type and Result in Interaction Classifications container for use case