Create a workflow (Edify Console)

Edify Console > Workflows > Create a workflow (Edify Console)

This article explains how to create a workflow in Edify Console.

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In Edify Console, you can create a workflow from the Workflow workspace. When you create a brand-new workflow, you’re prompted to:

  • Provide a name for the workflow

  • Specify the type of workflow you want to create

To create a workflow, navigate to the Workflow workspace and click the New Workflow button.

The Create Workflow modal prompts you to name your workflow and give it a type.

There are two overarching types of workflows:

  • Event workflows

  • Scheduled workflows

An event workflow is a workflow that runs once a specific event has occurred. For example, you can configure an event workflow to run whenever a certain phone number is called.

A scheduled workflow is a workflow that runs on a time interval. For example, you can configure a scheduled workflow to run every Monday morning at 9:00 AM ET.

Follow the steps below to learn how to create a workflow.


1. Log into Edify Console at

2. Navigate to the Workflows workspace.

3. Click the Create Workflow button.

4. Enter a name for the workflow.

5. Select a type for the workflow (either Event or Scheduled).

6. Click the Save button.