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The Outbound Call Data data source is a collection of tables you can use to build user call data reports in Edify App.

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The Outbound Call Data data source is one of several data sources available for creating reports in Edify App. To learn more about data sources in general, please see: Overview: Data sources for reports (Edify App).

With the Outbound Call Data data source, you can create reports that show you the technical information behind phone calls made to outbound destinations from your Edify account.

This data source contains tables and columns that show you local caller and remote caller data. The local caller is the user on your Edify account involved on the phone call, while the remote caller is the third-party involved in the phone call.

You can use this data source to retrieve information like:

  • Who was the local caller and who was the remote caller for the outbound phone call?

  • What were the phone numbers of the participants on the outbound call (in various formats)?

  • How was the call quality (represented as packets sent, packets received, and packets lost) for the outbound call?

  • Which user on your account created the phone call?

  • How long was the outbound phone call?

  • When was the outbound phone call created and then completed?

This data source shows you information about phone calls made from your Edify account to a remote destination that’s outside of any phone number or user on your Edify account.

  • To see data framed from the perspective of inbound calls received by your users, see: Data source: Inbound Call Data (Edify App).

  • To see data framed regardless of whether the call was inbound or outbound, see: Data source: User Call Data (Edify App).

Use case

The most commonly created report with this data source is an outbound call data report.

With an outbound call data report, you can see the technical details of an outbound phone call.

For example, you could use a user call data report to show:

  • How many packets were sent during the phone call?

  • How many packets were lost?

  • What kind of transport protocol was used on the call?

  • Who created the outbound phone?

  • What was the duration of the phone call?


The Outbound Call Data data source consists of only the Edify database tables that relate to this data source. This ensures that you have access to the data that’s relevant to the types of reports you commonly create with this data source.

Below are the tables available when creating a report with this data source. Click any of the links below to view column documentation for each table.

Contains general information related to your organization’s Edify account.

This information includes your organization’s name, address, and other basic configuration details.

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Contains information about calls made from your Edify account to a remote destination.

This information includes the names and numbers of parties on the call and the quality of the call.

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