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This article provides an overview of callback interactions in Edify App.

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Callback interactions are interactions that started as a live phone call interaction and then changed into a callback interaction. A callback interaction occurs when a customer chooses to have a queue user call them back rather than waiting for a queue user to become available.

Interaction status

Note: If you wish to manually open an interaction from the Home List, as a best practice, you should only select interactions in Open status. This status indicates that the interaction is not actively being engaged by anyone (other agents) or anything (Hammond) and is ready to be accepted and managed.

Manage a callback interaction

There are two ways to identify if an interaction is a callback

Review interaction's details from the Home List

Look at the interactions communication type column to identify whether it’s a callback interaction or not.

See Overview: Home list Communication Type column in Queue (Edify App).

Once you pick up a callback interaction from the Home list, the interaction workspace is displayed, and the interaction is assigned to you. The status of the interaction changes to Connected status. Most importantly, the call back to the customer is immediately initiated.

Scan the interaction when it's assigned to you

Look at the feed tab in an interaction that is sent to you to identify if it is a callback interaction.

Note: Once you accept the Callback interaction, the customer interaction workspace opens, the call back to the customer is immediately initiated, and the interaction is now yours to manage.

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