Overview: Queue templates (Console)

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This article gives an overview of queue templates in Console.

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In Console, Queue Templates allow you to create replicable queues with the same basic settings. If you need to create multiple queues with similar settings, you only need to manually configure one template and link it to the queues when creating them. Then, all the settings will be the same for all the newly created queues created with the template.

In Console, navigate to Queues > Queue Templates.

The settings for a queue template look just like the settings for a queue. They both contain all of the same containers, but the Extension field in the Queue container is replaced with the Object Folder field.


Queue template

After you configure the settings for the template, all you have to do is create a queue like you normally would and select the template you created from the Template dropdown in the modal to autofill all of the queue settings.

Select your template from the Template dropdown in the modal.