Publish a workflow (Edify Console)

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This article explains how to publish a workflow in Edify Console.

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Once you’ve built a workflow and ensured each branch has an endpoint, the next step is to publish the workflow. Publishing a workflow version makes it so that you can route to it. Before a workflow is published, it’s like a draft that you can edit. Once you publish it, however, you can’t make any changes to the version. To modify it, you’d have to create a new version by duplicating it.

There are two ways to publish a workflow:

  • Publish: The Publish button locks the workflow from any additional changes.

  • Publish - Make Current: The Publish - Make Current button locks the workflow from any additional changes AND makes the workflow the “most current version.” This means that, if you have any configurations set to route to the “CURRENT” version of the workflow, this version of the workflow will run.

When a workflow version is published, you can make it the current version at any time.


1. Log into Edify Console at

2. Navigate to the Workflows workspace.

3. Select the workflow containing the version you want to publish (skip this step if you’re already in the workflow you want to publish).

4. Click the Publish - Make Current button to publish the workflow version and make it the current version. OR, click the tri-dot menu icon and click Publish to publish it without making it current.