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This article provides an overview of Home in Queue in Edify App.

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The Queue workspace in the Edify application has a few main workspaces. These main workspaces of Queue are:

The Home workspace is the most commonly used workspace of Queue. Home is where you see queue activity and handle customer engagements, which Edify refers to as ‘interactions’.

An interaction is an area of queue where you can directly engage with customers or complete work tasks.

From the Home workspace, you can engage with customers on an active interaction through one or more communication channels (like phone, email, text, chat, and more). You can also use the Home workspace to review completed interactions.

If you have appropriate permissions, the Home workspace is also where you can create outbound interactions or assign tasks to yourself.

Home features

For all users, Home is where you can:

  • See the current, real-time activity for all of your enabled queues, which are the queues that you’re logged into and currently working.

  • Search for a specific interaction.

  • Filter your view of the queue to only see the interactions you want to see.

Based on your specific user settings, Home is also where you can:

You can access Home by opening the Queue menu and selecting ‘Home’ if you’re not already on this workspace of Queue.

Visual breakdown

  • Queue menu (A): The queue menu is where you can switch between Home and Queue list, which is where you see and log into and out of the queues that you’re assigned to work.

  • Interaction tab (B): The Interaction tabs populate in line with the queue menu. These tabs reflect all of the interactions that you are actively involved in, this includes completed interactions that you are reviewing as well as active interactions that you are in the process of managing or monitoring.

  • Create interaction workspace (C): The Create outbound interaction workspace is where you create interactions from any of your assigned queues to either contact a customer or assign yourself a task.

  • Home list view features (D): The Home list views features are for creating, modifying, and managing your Home list views. A Home list view is how you quickly narrow down your Home list to see only the interactions that you want to see.

  • Filtering features (E): The Home list filtering features are how for narrowing down Home list to only see the interactions you want to see.

  • Home list: Home list is the area of Home that looks like a table and it’s where you see your queue activity. Each row of the table is an individual interaction. Depending on the Home list view that you’re using, you’ll either see live (active interactions) or completed activity (completed interactions).

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