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This article explains how to configure your voicemail and greeting in App.

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In App, you can configure your voicemail settings and your voicemail greeting in your profile settings. 

Setting up your voicemail includes the following steps:

When you’re ready to set up your voicemail greeting, you can record the greeting yourself or you can use the system’s text-to-speech capabilities to have Hammond speak your voicemail greeting for you. 

You can change your voicemail settings at any time. 

This article includes the information you need to set up your voicemail and your voicemail greeting.

Set up your voicemail

Read this voicemail settings overview article to learn more about the voicemail configurations available to you in your profile settings.

For additional information on voicemail settings, see:

Configure your voice authorization method

Once you’ve set up your voicemail, the next step is to choose the authorization method you’ll use for accessing your voicemail box. 

To learn how to do this, see: Set voice authorization method in Call Settings

Configure your voicemail greeting

After configuring your voice authorization method for accessing your voicemail box, you’re ready to customize your voicemail greeting. 

These are the steps for creating and personalizing your voicemail greeting: